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The Gift of Inner Success (Audio)

The Gift of Inner Success (Audio)


We live fast-paced lives obsessed with external success. Yet we forget and overlook the very fabric of life – energy, trust and flow – that gives rise to the wisdom, possibility and growth that we seek.

Short, sweet, soothing and profound, The Gift of Inner Success invites and re-connects you to embrace the magic you already possess. Rasheed Ogunlaru’s ‘ Gift’ is now available as a book (77 pages), audio-book MP3 (64mins), and e-book. It’s ideal for anyone seeking self, happiness or meaningful success.

“Of all the self-development gurus and coaches I have experienced, Rasheed has a unique style. He is a quiet storm: his manner is measured and quietly confident, yet his impact cannot be questioned – outstanding!” – Brenda Emmanus, TV presenter

“Our notions of success focus on what we want to achieve. But to find happiness, it’s essential to appreciate what we already have. That’s a secret worth knowing.” – Clare Longrigg, Psychologies



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