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Soul Trader – Coach Yourself Programme

Soul Trader – Coach Yourself Programme


“An inspiring and practical companion to help you build a business you and customers will love”

Starting or growing a business can be challenging, lonely and uncertain. This empowering video – based on the internationally acclaimed book – will help you cut the financial and emotional costs of being your own boss. It will help you find and use your unique passion, purpose, mission and values to build your business through rich relationships. Step by step your host, leading life / business coach, Rasheed Ogunlaru author of Soul Trader… helps you coach yourself to get inspired, organized, strategize and take action and build a business you love whatever its stage using the Soul Trader principles of Clarity, Customers, Courage, Co-operation, Conversations, Creativity, Compassion and Change.

1. Introduction: Get ready; how to use video to help you grow.
2. Clarity: Set your vision, mission & goals, find your unique path.
3. Customers: Know who they are & learn how to win their hearts
4. Courage: Grow confident using your inspiration / inner strength
5. Co-operation: Build rich relationships to help your business grow
6. Conversations: The art of converting contacts into business.
7. Creativity: Tap into the energy, framework and flow to flourish
8. Compassion: Taking care of yourself, others and business.
9. Change: How to face it, embrace it and shape it.

Approx. running time 1hour 50mins

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