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Recommended Partners

I work with a range of partners to help people in all aspects of their lives, careers and business – including the including British Library.

British Library Business & IP Centre

The Business & IP Centre provides perhaps the best and most extensive free resource for new and growing businesses. It also runs a range of workshops, seminars and talk. Rasheed is the library’s partner Business Coach. Plus new e-courses .

Evolved Heart

I’ve created this new inspiring website packed full of free articles, videos and tips to support / extent my work as a coach, speaker and author. Whether you’re a coaching client  looking to support your sessions – or your just looking for inspiration and tips to help you in your life and career this wonderful resource will help.

Rita Bailey Partnership

Coaching, facilitation, consultation and retreats: developing your people to achieve your business objectives. Rasheed Ogunlaru is an associate.


A group of ‘refreshing personable’ independent specialists who team up to provide friendly advice and support to give your business the competitive edge. Rasheed is the life & business coach. Zestworks can help with coaching, finance/accounting, human resources support and websites / branding.

Precious Online

Precious is an online magazine, network and resource for women of colour. Rasheed is the business coach partner and business page ‘agony uncle’.

She’s Ingenious

A special resource and association for women with new products and inventions running by the wonderful Cally Robson.

Marcus Fellowes

Marcus is a friend who helps those seeking inner peace.


Websites, branding, design , social media supportand more – a unique agency run by the fantastic Suzanne Whitby of the Zestworks team.


Lucidica provide IT services to small businesses in London with 1-50 staff: computer & network support; consulting and training in areas such as online marketing, web design and maintenance – and supplying technology hardware and software.

Pinnacle Proactive

Promoting health, harmony and happiness in the workplace. Rasheed is the associate life & corporate coach.

Success Stories

Helping organisations, managers and teams achieve success through powerful of story-based coaching and development.

Directors Centre

Working with ambitious managing directors of growing businesses who have hit some kind of ceiling in their growth. Rasheed is a consultant.


Whitby's / Marketing Strategy, Implementation & No-BS Business Mentoring

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