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High achievers & celebrity life coach

“Success is meaningless without fulfilment – both begin within.” – Rasheed Ogunlaru

Meaningful success and inner fulfilment

Life in the fast lane has its rewards and challenges. There are dreams, demands, drains, and personal and professional ups and downs to negotiate. There is also much change and  uncertainty and in some areas of entertainment and sport careers can be short.

My clients have spanned major pop stars, national TV presenters, celebrities, politicians, Chief Executives, sports people and movie makers.  It includes chart-topping band members, West End stars, Celebrity Big Brother contestants,  primetime TV stars and experts – through to senior executives and Chief Executives. I specialise in helping people blend meaningful outer success with true inner fulfilment.

As a high achievers / celebrity life coach with a media and singing background  I understand the world of performance, being a creative and the demands of being in front of the camera and in the spotlight. In fact I first  re-trained as a coach – because having pursued a career in entertainment –  I wanted to help performers to flourish personally as well as professionally. As a former Co-Director of  Samaritans and one who has worked with those in the spotlight for many years I also understand the lows and pressures.

Personal coaching

Over the years I have worked with high achievers in entertainment to business and corporate life . Some people come to me to prepare for a new phase in their life and career, or to achieve deeper levels of peace, happiness, life balance at being at one with their self. Some of my clients are those starting out in their careers, others are bouncing back and others looking for a fresh start. Some people come to me to find strategies and peace of mind to cope with the demands of fame or being at the top of their organisation. Others are looking to prepare for a life after the limelight or to regroup following injury, life change or to explore new paths. Others are looking to further enhance their impact as an effective leader.

I provide bespoke private coaching services from  one of sessions, intensive coaching or ongoing retainers as apt. So whether you’re looking to enjoy more you time, peace or mind, space, life balance – or to reconnect to your self and plan your next steps, you’ll find our meetings valuable, liberating, and refreshing.

Comfortable, confidential, holistic and supportive – and at times and venues to suit you – our meetings will give you the time, space and support to take stock, talk freely and move forward.

Managers, agents and personal assistants can contact me directly to arrange to talk further.

…Self fulfilment

In this short video Rasheed chats to entrepeneur, author and former BBC2 Dragon’s Den business owner, Rachel Elnaugh about her remarkable journey. We’re in a noisy bar – but if you can tune in the conversation is well worth listening to.

Think a chat would be helpful?

Of all the self development gurus and coaches I have experienced it has to be said the Rasheed undoubtedly has a unique style. He is a quiet storm in that his manner is measured and quietly confident, yet his impact cannot be questioned. He is the most refreshing coach I have worked with for a long time and one who genuinely cares more about his clients than their cash! - Outstanding!" Brenda Emmanus TV Presenter / Journalist

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